How CAT Security Systems Network Cameras Operate

CAT Security Systems internet Protocol cameras, or IP cameras, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which, like the analogue closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. IP cameras start at 3MP, effectively 4x the pixels of the traditional analogue which means superior resolution.  
We offer a wide range of IVSEC quality IP cameras ranging from 1 to 5 mega pixel resolution.  Most can be powered over Ethernet (POE).
IP cameras are normally used together with a Network Video Recorder (NVR) to handle the recording, video and alarm management. Having a dedicated network video recorder to view and record the security cameras is the most reliable and easiest way to setup a security system. 

CAT Security Systems Network Cameras Offer Many Advantages:

  • Inexpensive universal image transmission: Any IT components, such as WLAN, DSL, ISDN, GSM and Ethernet, can be used to transmit images inexpensively. Cameras can even be accessed from anywhere in the world via leased lines or the Internet. Special analogue cabling is not necessary. Since there is no need to adhere rigidly to the analogue video standard, there are no longer any restrictions on image resolution. Consequently, the first mega pixel security cameras are now available. For further information.
  • License-free web technology: Images from network cameras can be accessed via the Internet using the existing web browser on any PC (Explorer, Netscape). Regardless of the operating system and the number of camera users, there are no software and maintenance licenses needed.
  • High security: Unlike an analogue video cable that can be “tapped” relatively easy by electromagnetic means, network cameras can be protected in a number of different ways. Alongside established software encryption technologies like PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), they also support secure VPN routers (Virtual Private Network) via the Internet. For further information.
  • Unlimited expandability: There are countless computers networked within large companies, saving data centrally on the company server. It is also possible to network hundreds of cameras in precisely the same way. The network structure allows the camera system to be expanded without any difficulty. If necessary, it can also be done on a wireless basis using a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).

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